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Multi-space parking meter, proximity reader, parking garage collage
Toll Free Phone:   1.800.978.4621
Toll Free FAX:      1.800.978.4621
Manual Barrier Gate used in Military Applications; No Motor, No Electronics
Military Base Ready
No Electronics
No Motor
Manual Gate
Barrier Gates with Quick Operation, Easy Maintenenace, and Long Life
Quick Operation
Easy Maintenance
Long Life
Barrier Gate Operator
Heavy Duty In-Ground and Surface Mount Directional Spikes
Heavy Duty Design
In-Ground Mount
Surface Mount
Directional Spike
Bar Code and Magnetic Stripe Ticket Dispensers
Bar Code
Magnetic Stripe
Fast Ticket
Ticket Dispensers
Welcome to Westco Parking Technologies
Westco provides parking lot equipment with expert service for all parking applications. Westco specializes in multispace parking meters, parking ticket dispensers, barrier gate operators, spike strips and much more.
parking revenue, universities, parking lots, recreational parks, airports, cities, counties

parking revenue

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parking access, hospitals, business parks, hotels, apartments, condos

parking access

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