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Multi-space parking meter, proximity reader, parking garage collage
Toll Free Phone:   1.800.978.4621
Toll Free FAX:      1.800.978.4621
parking meters
Parking meters can provide non-gated or gated revenue collection for both on-street and off-street applications. Accepted payments methods can be coins, bills, credit cards, and city cards. Power options can be solar panel or 120VAC.
Typical applications can be on-street city parking and off-street parking lots for universities, colleges, and hospitals
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WPT PSA-1256
WPT PSA-1256 Multispace, Dual Mode Parking Meter
Model PSA-1256 : Multispace, Dual Mode Parking Meter
Supports Pay-by-Space? 
Supports Pay-and-Display? 
Accepts Coins and Bills? 
Accepts Credit Cards? 
Retail Price 
V2A & V4A Stainless Steel
Call 1-800-978-4621