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Multi-space parking meter, proximity reader, parking garage collage
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plug in vehicle detectors
Vehicle Detectors are located between the vehicle loop and the controlling device (barrier gate, swing gate, slide gate,etc.). The vehicle detector supplies the current to the loop while also detecting when a vehicle is present.
Vehicle Detectors differ in different input power supply ranges, number of channels, number of outputs, DIP settings externally or internally, external or plug-in type detectors to name a few.
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WPT A-ELD OmniBoard Plug-In Detector
Model A-ELD : OmniBoard Plug-In Detector
Power Requirements: 
# of Channels: 
# of Outputs: 
Sensitivity Settings: 
Loop Frequency Settings: 
Retail Price 
From Controller
1 Channel
1 Output
4 Settings
4 Settings
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