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Multi-space parking meter, proximity reader, parking garage collage
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frequently asked questions
Question:  What does Westco recommend for the proper length for a barrier gate boom?
Answer: The barrier gate boom (arm) length first depends on the lane width you are trying to secure. Typically, you can get away with having a usable boom length that is about 3 feet shorter than your lane width (a vehicle can not pass through 3 feet). A usable boom length is the boom length subtracted by 1-2 feet. The 1-2 feet is due to the fact the barrier gate is mounted off of the lane; therefore some boom length is lost.
Question:  What internet web browsers is the Westco Parking website compatible with?
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Question:  How does a vehicle loop work?
Answer: The vehicle loop itself is wire inserted into a rectangular saw-cut slot in the ground with "X" number of turns (the number of times the wire goes around the rectangular saw-cut slot). In electrical terms, this can be thought of as an inductor. The vehicle detector that connects to the vehicle loop supplies current into the loop which in turn creates a magnetic field in the loop. When a vehicle passes over the loop, the metal contained in the car allows the magnetic field a path to travel. This causes the inductance of the loop to decrease. This decrease in loop inductance causes a higher resonant frequency of the loop. If the resonant frequency of the loop is higher than a predetermined frequency threshold, the vehicle detector outputs a "vehicle detected" signal.