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products overview
Westco Parking Technologies, Inc. provides electronic equipment to the parking industry. Currently, Westco sells products in both the USA and Canada. We specialize in revenue, access, and security products for the parking industry.
Parking Revenue System Equipment
Parking Meter Solar Panel

Parking revenue control systems makes collecting revenue from your parking operations efficient while at the same time maximizing your revenue stream. Westco sells both gated and ungated revenue control systems. Gated revenue systems use a barrier gate to restrict access into and out of your parking operation. Patrons then pay or parking on the exit. In an ungated system patrons are allowed onto the premesis "freely" and then must pay for parking at a pay station. Enforcement is done by enforcement personel manually.
Parking Access System Equipment
Long Range Proximity Card Reader

Parking access control systems allows you control of who enters your parking operation yet not collect any revenue. Typically swing, slide, or barrier gate operators are used to restrict the access. In order to open the gate operator one can use card readers, remote controls, proximity readers, vehicle loops, push buttons, keypads, and photo eyes to name a few. Automatic closing of the gate operator is typically done with a vehicle loop yet other closing devices are possible. Integration of access systems with revenue systems are typical.
Parking Security System Equipment
Directional Spike Cloeup

Parking security control systems restrict access into and out of your parking operations with the added feature of causing some sort of harm to the vehicle. Directional spikes are used for one way traffic control. Directional spike can be either mechanical or motorized.