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parking configurations
Gated Attended Pay-on-Exit Parking System: Ticket Dispenser In, Fee Computer Out
Gated Attended Pay-on-Exit Parking System: Ticket Dispenser In, Fee Computer Out
This parking configuration requires the parker to take a ticket from the ticket dispenser at the entrance. The ticket will have the date and time printed on it as well as encoded onto the magnetic stripe or bar-code. In order to activate the ticket dispenser to dispense tickets, a vehicle must be on top of the arming loop. This does not allow a person on foot to take a ticket. Once the ticket is taken from the throat of the ticket dispenser, the entrance barrier gate automatically opens. The parker enters the parking lot and once the vehicle is past the entrance closing loop, the entrance barrier gate automatically closes.
Next, the parker finds a parking spot. Once the parker is finished using the parking stall, the parker makes his/her way to the exit where a parking booth resides. An attendant will take the ticket and either swipe the ticket into the fee computer or manually enter in the date and time into the fee computer. The fee computer will automatically calculate the parking fee and display it on the fee display. Once the parker pays in full, the fee computer will automatically open the exit barrier gate. The ticket is put into a ticket validator where the payment details get printed on the ticket. Once the parker's vehicle clears the exit closing loop, the barrier gate automatically closes.
Equipment required for this system: (2) barrier gates with arms, (1) ticket dispenser, Optional: protection posts, (1) fee computer, (1) fee display, (1) ticket validator, (3) vehicle loops, (3) vehicle detectors, (1) booth