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Model 820-4 : 11 Pin Detector Harness
Item Model: 820-4
Item SKU: WPT-820-4
Typical Lead Time: Now
Features for this product:
- 11 Pin Amphenol
- 4 Feet Long
- Works with AX-3/4
- Works with BXC-3/4
- 20AWG Wire
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General Information

- 11 pin female Amphenol connector
- 4 foot length
- Compatible with the AX-3, AX-4, BXC-3, BXC-4, NF-100, and NF-102 vehicle detectors


Connector: Amphenol 78-S11 Cable Length: 4 feet
Cable Diameter: 0.4 inches
Wire Type: UL 1015
Wire Size: 20AWG Stranded 19/32
Wire Insulation: PVC

Wire Pinout

Pin 1: Black
Pin 2: White
Pin 3: Orange
Pin 4: Green
Pin 5: Yellow
Pin 6: Blue
Pin 7: Gray
Pin 8: Brown
Pin 9: Red
Pin 10: Black/White
Pin 11: Red/White

Connections for AX-3,AX-4,BXC-3,BXC-4

- Gray and Brown are loop wires and are twisted.
- Back is Power Positive
- White is Power Common
- Yellow is relay output common
- Blue is relay out normally open
- Black/White is relay output normally closed

Number of Pins: 
11 Pins 
Connector Type: 
Amphenol 78-S11 
Wire Length: 
4 Feet 
Wire Type: 
UL 1015 
Wire Size: 
20AWG Stranded 
Compatible With: 
AX-3/4, BXC-3/4, NF-100/102 
Typical Lead Time: 

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