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Model BXC-4 : 24VDC Dual Channel Detector
Item Model: BXC-4
Typical Lead Time: Now
Warranty: 1 year
Features for this product:
- Single Channel
- Dual Output
- 120VAC Input Power
- 8 External DIP Switches
- Rugged Construction
- 11 Pin Amp Connector
- Compact Design
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General Information


The Model BX is a full featured, single channel, dual output vehicle detector that incorporates the reliable vehicle detection technology found in all of Reno A & E's vehicle detectors. All detector functions and settings are easy to configure using a set of eight external DIP switches and a simple to use eight-position rotary switch.

Loop Frequency Four (4) operating frequencies (normally in the range of 20 to 100 kilohertz) are selectable by means of two front panel mounted DIP switches. Sensitivity Eight (8) detection sensitivity levels are selectable by means of a front panel mounted rotary switch. Vehicle detection results from a sufficient negative change in loop inductance.

Sensitivity Boost A front panel mounted DIP switch may be turned on to increase sensitivity during the Detect State. When a vehicle enters the loop detection zone, the detector sensitivity is automatically boosted to a higher level than the vacant loop setting. The boosted sensitivity level is maintained throughout the Detect State. When the vehicle leaves the loop detection zone, the sensitivity immediately returns to the vacant loop setting. This feature is particularly useful in preventing dropouts during the passage of high bed vehicles.

Output A Presence Modes Output A has two presence hold times that are selectable by means of a front panel mounted DIP switch; True Presence and Limited Presence. Both modes provide a Detect output when a vehicle is present in the loop detection zone. Limited Presence will typically hold Output A in the Detect state for one to three hours. True Presence will hold Output A in the Detect state as long as the vehicle is present in the loop detection zone and power is not removed or reset applied. True Presence time applies only for normal size automobiles and trucks and for normal size loops (approximately 12 to 120 sq. ft.).

Output B Modes of Operation Output B has four modes of operation that are selected by three front panel mounted DIP switches; Presence, Pulse-on-Entry, Pulse-on-Exit, or Fault. When operating in Presence mode, the presence hold time is the same as Output A. When set to operate in Pulse mode, the 250 millisecond pulse can be set to occur when the vehicle enters the loop detection zone (Pulse-on-Entry) or when the vehicle leaves the loop detection zone (Pulse-on-Exit). When operating in Fault mode, Output B will provide a fault indication when a loop fault exists. Output B is a Fail-Secure output in either Presence or Pulse mode. Note: Special versions of the detector are available that have an extended or a shortened pulse output. When the extended pulse version is set to operate in Pulse mode, Output B will generate a one second pulse when the vehicle enters or leaves the loop detection zone. When the shortened pulse version is set to operate in Pulse mode, Output B will generate a 77 millisecond pulse when the vehicle enters or leaves the loop detection zone. To order either option, add the -SP2 designator (one second pulse) or -SP3 (77 millisecond pulse) to the end of the model number when ordering (examples: BX-4-SP2 or BX-3-SP3).

Fail-Safe / Fail-Secure Operation
The detector is factory configured for Fail-Safe or Fail- Secure operation. When the detector is configured to operate in Fail-Safe mode, Output A will assume the Detect output state (Relay A Normally Open contacts closed, Relay A Normally Closed contacts open) during a power loss or loop fault condition. When the detector is configured to operate in Fail-Secure mode, Output A will not respond to power losses or loop failures (Relay A Normally Open contacts open, Relay A Normally Closed contacts closed). Output B will always assume a No Detect state during a power loss or loop fault condition (Relay B Normally Open contacts open, Relay B Normally Closed contacts closed).

Call Delay A two second delay of Outputs A and B can be activated by setting a front panel mounted DIP switch. Output delay is the time the detector outputs are delayed after a vehicle first enters the loop detection zone. If the Delay feature is activated, the outputs will only be turned on after the two second delay time has passed with a vehicle continuously present in the loop detection zone. If a vehicle leaves the loop detection zone during the delay interval, detection is aborted and the next vehicle to enter the loop detection zone will initiate a new full two second delay interval. By flashing the Detect LED at a four Hz rate with a 50% duty cycle, the detector indicates that a vehicle is being detected but that the outputs are being delayed.

Power Indicator The green Power LED is Off when the detector has no power supplied or when the power level is below 75% of its nominal value. The Power LED is On when the detector is being supplied with a suitable level of power.

Detect Indicator The red Detect LED is Off when the loop detection zone is vacant. The Detect LED is On when a vehicle is being detected. The Detect LED flashing at a four Hz rate with a 50% duty cycle indicates that the delay interval is currently timing.

Fail Indicator The red Fail LED indicates whether or not the loop is currently within tolerance. If the loop is within tolerance, the Fail LED will be Off. If out of tolerance, the LED indicates a current loop failure by turning On (Open Loop) or flashing at a one Hz rate (Shorted Loop). If and when the loop returns to an in tolerance state, the FAIL LED will flash at a three Hz rate to indicate an intermittent loop fault has occurred and has been corrected. This flash rate will continue until another loop fault occurs, the detector is reset, or the detector loses power.

Detector Reset Changing the position of any DIP Switch (except the Frequency DIP switches) or the Sensitivity Level setting will reset the detector. After changing the Frequency selection switches (DIP switches 1 & 2), the detector must be reset.

Detect Memory The Detect State of the detector is maintained during momentary power interruptions of up to two seconds.

Self Tuning The detector automatically tunes and is operational within two seconds after application of power or after being reset. Full sensitivity and hold time requires 30 seconds of operation.

Environmental & Tracking The detector is fully self-compensating for environmental
changes and loop drift over the full temperature range and the entire loop inductance range.

Loop Inductance Range 20 to 2000 microhenries with a Q factor of 5 or greater.

Loop Feeder Length Up to 2500 feet (762 m) maximum with proper feeder cable and
appropriate loops.

Loop Input Transformer isolated. The minimum capacitance added by the detector is
0.068 microfarad.

Grounded Loop Operation The loop isolation transformer allows operation with poor
quality loops (which may include one short to ground at a single point).

Lightning Protection The detector can tolerate, without damage, a 10 microfarad
capacitor charged to 1,000 volts being discharged directly into the loop input terminals.

Electrical Isolation The loop is isolated by means of the loop isolation transformer. The
outputs are isolated by means of the output relays.

Relay Outputs Rated for maximum continuous current of 6.0 amps, 300 VAC maximum, 150 VDC maximum, and 180 Watts maximum switched power.

Power 24VDC version (BX-4): 20 to 34 VDC, 50 milliamps maximum

Ruggedized Construction: The detector enclosure is made from a high temperature rated plastic. Printed circuit boards are 0.062 inch thick FR4 material with 2 oz. copper on both sides and plated through holes. Circuit board and components are conformal coated with polyurethane.

Operating Temperature -30 F to +180 F (-34 C to +82 C).

Connector Rear mounted 11 Pin Amphenol connector

Size 3.00 inches (7.62 cm) high x 1.75 inches (4.45 cm) wide x 4.30 inches (10.92 cm) deep (excluding connector).

Weight 8.8 oz (249.5 gm).

Power Requirements: 
20 to 34 VDC 
Loop Frequency Settings: 
# of Channels: 
# of Outputs: 
8 Levels 
Sensitivity Settings: 
4 Settings 
Sensitivity Boost? 
Loop Fail LED? 
Loop Inductance: 
20 to 2000uH @ Q > 5 
Relay Output: 
Max 6A & 300VAC 
Rear Mounted 11 pin Amphenol 
External / Internal DIP Settings: 
8 / 0 
Temperature Range: 
-30F to 180F 
Housing Length: 
1.75 inches 
Housing Width: 
4.3 inches 
Housing Height: 
3 inches 
1 lb. 
Typical Lead Time: 
1 year 

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Pre-Fabbed Vehicle Loop
Pre-Fabbed Vehicle Loop
11 Pin Detector Harness
11 Pin Detector Harness
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