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Model MGT-19 : 19' Manual Barrier Gate Operator
Item Model: MGT-19
Item SKU: WPT-MGT-19
Typical Lead Time: 3 weeks
Warranty: 1 year
Features for this product:
- 9.75' to 13' Boom
- Optional 19.5' Boom Length
- RAL 2000 Orange Color
- Heavy Duty Design
- Lockable with Padlock
- Tip Support after 15'
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General Information

One of the applications for a manual barrier gate operator is in military base installations. A manual barrier does not employ any sort of electric motor. The boom is opened and closed via human interaction with the gate. The WPT-MGT-19 is a heavy duty manual barrier gate operator made of steel and aluminum stock that is anit-corrosion coated. The boom length can be ordered from 6.5 feet to 23 feet.


The WPT-MGT-19 is constructed from both steel and aluminum. The vertical post is made from tubular steel with a bracket that is used to fix the barrier to the concrete pad. The barrier boom is made from round tubular aluminum and is white with red reflective tape on both sides. The pivot assembly is made from flat steel stock which is mounted on a stainless steel rotating shaft. Cast Iron counterweihts are slid onto the pivot assembly to couteract the weight of the boom. A tip support will be required for boom lenghts of 16 feet and longer. The WPT-MGT-19 includes padlock fixing points to keep the boom in a open or closed position. The padlock is included.

Surface Treatment

The WPT-MGT-19 uses hot zinc spray anti-corrosion protection on the rotating assembly and vertical post. Rustproof primer and 2-component micaceous iron epoxy is applied. Then 2-component polyurethane finish paint is applied. The standard color is a RAL 2000. Other colors can be spedial ordered


Tip Supports for boom lengths over 15 feet.

Lockable Padlock Tip Support

Boom Lighting with Power Supply Box

Red and White Plastic Arm Skirt

Octagonal Stop Sign in Either One or Two Directions


The installation of a barrier gate operator requires a concrete foundation.

A lane diagram or layout should first be designed to represent the customer's goals for the application area. The concrete pad should be included in the lane diagram.

What is a Manual Barrier Gate Operator?

A manual barrier gate operator does not contain anysort of electric motor to raise or lower the boom. The boom is raised or lower with human intereaction with the gate.

Industry Jargon

Maniual Barrier Gate Operators can be referred to as Maual Gate Openers, Manual Gate Closers, Manual Barrier Gates, Manual Barrier Arms to name a few.

Maximum Boom Length: 
19.5 feet 
320 lbs. 
RAL 2000 Orange 
Padlock Fixing Points? 
Steel; Aluminum 
Tip Support Required? 
Yes; > 15' Boom 
Boom Lighting Available? 
Boom Signage Available? 
Typical Lead Time: 
3 weeks 
1 year 
Available options for this product are:

13' to 19.5' Boom Option
The standard boom length for the MGT-19 is 9.75' to 13'. This option extends the boom to a total length of 13' to 19.5'.

Large All-in-One Wax
Large All-in-One Wax
There are no parts for this product.
There are no consumables for this product.
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