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Multi-space parking meter, proximity reader, parking garage collage
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Model MIB-30-C100 : 12' Direct Drive Barrier Gate Operator
Item Model: MIB-30-C100
Item SKU: WPT-MIB-30-C100
Typical Lead Time: 2 weeks
Warranty: 1 year
Features for this product:
- Direct Drive
- Up to 12' Gate Arm
- Microprocessor Controller
- Extremely Reliable
- Heavy Duty Housing
- No Belts or Pulleys
- Built-in Dual Detectors
- Optional Battery Backup
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General Information

NEW Battery Backup Option: The new highly efficient battery backup option can operate the barrier gate for up to 50 minutes at 75% duty cycle. Low-current card readers can also be connected to the battery backup.

The MIB-30-C100 electronic barrier gate operator is an intelligent barrier with a broad range of built-in features that allows the gate operator to fit many applications within the parking industry.

This gate operator employs an electric torque motor with a unique lever drive system that rids the barrier of any belts or pulleys. This unique drive system also provides fast open and close times of 1.4-1.9 seconds while also providing an anti-bounce boom at the end positions. The barrier gate arm weight is counter-balanced via a precisely adjusted spring system. The barrier arm can easily be switched from right-handed to left-handed.

The intelligent gate operator is driven by a electric AC torque motor that sits in a central cast aluminum module. The module contains the drive shaft with bearings, gear box, and a connection bracket to connect the springs to the module. The MIB-30-C100 design does not use any limit switches or frictional clutches which provides for a maintenance-free operation. At each of the end positions, the drive lever system provides a mechanically locked barrier boom. The built-in position sensor of the barrier gate arm provides the controller with precise gate arm positioning data that allows for optimal braking and anti-bounce boom operation at the end positions.

The housing is constructed from 14 gauge zinc plated steel sheets in addition to a base frame constructed from stainless steel. The housing is also powder and phosphate coated to ensure protection from corrosion. The MIB-30-C100 has a maintenance front door as well as a removable top cover that allows for easy access to all components of the barrier gate operator. The controller is mounted onto a removable zinc plated steel panel. The standard housing is painted in a RAL 2000 orange. Other RAL colors are offered as an option for an extra cost.

The MIB-30-C100 gate arm is made from 1/16" extruded aluminum alloy to produce a octagonal cross section with the dimensions of 4" by 2 1/8". The gate arm is then finished with a RAL 9010 powder coat and reflective red safety tape. Gate arms longer than 12' require either a pendulum support or fixed support post. See the options tab for more information on Pendulum Supports and Fixed Post Supports. For height restricted applications such as parking garages, an articulated arm can be used. Please provide Westco the length of the articulated arm and the height restrictions when ordering.

The MIB-30-C100 uses a microprocessor based controller with a 16 digit LCD display. The display will show the user the gate arm position, the state of both loops, the gate operator mode, the state of each input, the state of both detector output relays, and the motor power. The controller includes (2) built-in vehicle detectors that are fully programmable for opening/closing loops. Directional logic is built into the controller for bi-directional applications. The controller also supports (5) input terminals and (2) output terminals. This gate operator controller is also highly programmable for many different parking layout configurations. Free exits, bi-directional layouts, connections to ticket dispensers and card readers are all easily configured. Programming the gate operator is easily done with a rotary knob and push buttons.


The installation of a barrier gate operator requires a concrete foundation and electrical connections for both power and communications.

A lane diagram or layout should first be designed to represent the customer's goals for the application area. If vehicle loops are to be used, proper layout of the loop needs to be considered in the lane diagram. See Westco's HelpCenter for more information on constructing vehicle loops and layout diagrams. Westco can also assist customers with the design of barrier gate operator systems.

Electrical connections for barrier gate operators must also be considered as part of the lane diagram. Typically 120VAC power and communication connections for vehicle loops, card readers, proximity readers, and push buttons are required.

What is a Direct Drive Barrier Gate Operator?

A direct drive barrier gate operator uses a design that allows the electric motor to be directly connected to the barrier boom (gate arm) assembly. This allows the barrier gate operator to eliminate components such as belts, pulleys, frictional clutches, and limit switches which all require maintenance over time. Therefore, direct drive barrier gate operators are maintenance-free and more reliable over time.

Opening and Closing Devices

All gate operators require an opening device and closing device to operate properly. If no opening devices are used, the gate operator will not open or close. Therefore, thought must be taken to what device will open the gate operator and what device will close the gate operator.

Card Readers, Proximity Readers, Keypads, Vehicle Loops, and Radio Receivers are among a few of the opening devices used for opening a barrier gate operator.

Vehicle Loops, Radio Receivers, and Push Buttons are a few of the closing devices used for the closing of a barrier gate operator. For an automatic closing of a gate operator, a vehicle loop should be used.

What are the Differences Between the MIB-30-C100 and the MIB-40-C900?

The main differences between the MIB-30-C100 and MIB-40-C900 barrier gate operators are gate arm length support and opening and closing times. The MIB-30-C100 will support up to 12' gate arm lengths while providing 1.4-1.9 second opening and closing times. The MIB-40-C900 supports gate arm lengths up to 20' (pendulum supports or fixed post supports are required for longer than 14' arm lengths) while providing 4 second opening and closing times. Therefore, the MIB-40-C900 takes about twice as long to open and close compared to the MIB-30-C100.

Industry Jargon

Barrier Gate Operators can be referred to as Gate Openers, Gate Closers, Barrier Gates, Barrier Arms, Electric Gates, and Automatic Gates to name a few.

Maximum Boom Length: 
12 Feet 
Gate Boom (Arm) Included? 
Rise / Fall Time of Gate Arm: 
1.4-1.9 / 1.4-1.9 seconds 
Power Backup Integrated? 
Yes, Option 
Integrated Vehicle Detectors? 
Yes, Dual 
Requires Pendulum Support? 
Direct Drive? 
14 Gauge Steel 
Colors Available: 
RAL 9010 White, RAL 2000 Orange, RAL 1028 Yellow 
Power Requirements: 
60Hz.,120VAC @ 120Watts 
Housing Width: 
13.75 inches 
Housing Height: 
42 inches 
Housing Length: 
13.75 inches 
110 lbs. 
Typical Lead Time: 
2 weeks 
1 year 
Available options for this product are:

Invisa Smart Gate Sensor Option
The SmartGate Non-Contact Safety Sensor (is the newest sensor from Invisa developed for use with Parking Barrier Gates. It is the only safety device currently sold for these applications that does not rely on a fixed beam, emitter/detector, contact edge or inductive loop. Sensing for the unit moves with, and in front of, the edge of the moving parking arm or slide gate, detecting conductive objects (both small and large) that may be present in the potentially hazardous path of travel. The sensor continuously compensates for environmental changes. The system has a failsafe system that detects when the antenna connection is either broken or shorted.

Battery Backup Option
The new highly efficient battery backup option can operate the barrier gate for up to 50 minutes at 75% duty cycle. Low-current card readers can also be connected to the battery backup.

8' Octagonal Aluminum Gate Opener Arm
8' Octagonal Aluminum Gate Opener Arm
10' Octagonal Aluminum Gate Arm
10' Octagonal Aluminum Gate Arm
12' Octagonal Aluminum Gate Arm
12' Octagonal Aluminum Gate Arm
24 Hour, 7 Day Timer
24 Hour, 7 Day Timer
12-24V Gate Radio Receiver
12-24V Gate Radio Receiver
115VAC Gate Radio Receiver
115VAC Gate Radio Receiver
Pre-Fabbed Vehicle Loop
Pre-Fabbed Vehicle Loop
Large All-in-One Wax
Large All-in-One Wax
10' Aluminum Folding Gate Arm
10' Aluminum Folding Gate Arm
8' Aluminum Folding Gate Arm
8' Aluminum Folding Gate Arm
12' Aluminum Folding Gate Arm
12' Aluminum Folding Gate Arm
There are no parts for this product.
There are no consumables for this product.
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