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Multi-space parking meter, proximity reader, parking garage collage
Toll Free Phone:   1.800.978.4621
Toll Free FAX:      1.800.978.4621
Model PSA-1256 : Multispace, Dual Mode Parking Meter
Parking Meter
Parking Meter Front View
Front View
Parking Meter Side View
Side View
Parking Meter Back View
Back View
Hardware: General Features
All stainless steel construction:
Throughout the housing and interior components, high quality V2A and V4A stainless steel stock is used.
Extreme weather conditions require an extreme machine. The PSA.1256 parking meter offers an extended operating temperature range compared to other machines. The meter is capable of withstanding sand and dust storms, environments near salt water, very high temperatures in direct sunlight and very low temperatures in darkness. Add the corrosion resistant finish and stainless steel construction and you have a serious payment station.
Accepts coins, bills, credit cards, and debit cards:
Any combination of coin, bill, credit card, or debit card are available. The denomination of coins and bills can be setup in software.
Coin change capability:
The PSA.1256 parking meters are capable of dispensing coins for change due as an option.
Solar panel and mains power:
The parking meter can be run on a highly efficient and elegantly designed solar panel array if 120VAC mains power is not available.
High visibility LCD display:
Easy to read LCD with backlit display in sunlight and darkness.
Pay-&-Display and functionality:
Setting up your parking lots or spaces to use as a "place ticket on dashboard" or "Pay-and-Display" approach is available with the PSA.1256 parking meters.
Easy Installation and Maintenance:
Installation and maintenance are a snap with the PSA.1256 parking meter. The modular nature of the payment station provides quick replacement of consumables such as paper. Upgrading the meter with new features is also a snap. Maintaining the machine can be done in minutes with QuickRelease hardware.
Hardware: Security Features
The 2-step high security locking system. This locking system requires the maintenance staff to first insert their unique chipcard ID into the parking meter to release the LockGuard. The LockGuard can only then be turned to display the high security lock. The maintenance staff can then use the high security key to unlock the cash compartment vault or maintenance compartment and remove cash. This removes the possibly of vandalism with the locking mechanism.
The high security cash compartment vault. The PSA.1255 parking meter is equipped with a dedicated high security cash compartment vault. Both bills and coins are contained within the cash compartment vault. The stainless steel cash box can hold about 256 cubic inches of coins. Access is super user programmable by chipcard and LoginGuard functionality.
An electronic shutter protects the coin slot from vandalism. The shutter is normally closed until payment mode is activated and a coin is sensed.
Each time the maintenance door or CashVault door is opened, the person and date stamp are recorded. No more guessing on whose been in the parking meter. Chipcards can also be programmed to allow access to one or both compartments. The battery compartment is opened from within the maintenance compartment via a pullcord.
Hardware: Interaction Features
Front and side placards:
The parking meter has an instruction placard on the front panel placed directly below the LCD display to provide the parker with all the necessary information to operate the parking meter as well as an explanation of all the applicable parking rates. Additional information and rate tables may be placed on a handy side placard as well.
a user friendly light that shines in the ticket cup when a ticket or receipt is dispensed. No more searching for tickets in the dark. The light color is customizable.
Multilingual on-screen navigation:
another ease-of-use feature is multilingual customer guidance done by characters, symbols, and pictograms. Up to (4) different languages can be stored in the PSA-1256.
ADA Compliant:
The PSA-1256 complies with both front and side wheelchair ADA access.
Hardware: Personalization Features
Cool Color:
one way for our customers to personalize their parking meter is to choose their payment station color. Racing Yellow, Deep Ocean Blue, High Tech Orange, its your choice.
W-Light Color:
choose your W-light ticket cup light color to customize the look and feel of your parking meter.
Upgrade hardware:
of course you can always upgrade a parking meter to include a feature you didn't order when you first purchased the payment station. It's as easy as connecting a QuickDisconnect electrical plug and installing QuickRelease hardware modules.
ChipWriter Software:
One way to setup a PSA.1256 parking meter is to use the ChipWriter software. This software is used in an offline approach (sneaker net via chip cards) to program complex rate structures, design custom tickets, control what is displayed on the LCD, and create access chip cards to name a few.
Intelligent Service Management and Accounting System:
The Intelligent Service Management and Accounting System (ISMAS) is a online Back Office software that collates, stores, and saves all parking meter accounting data and telemetry data. The live status of all machines can be seen in one view. ISMAS is modular in nature and can be setup in a network for many users or on a single personal computer. Users can create reports and statistics while at the same time receive alerts from any parking meter. Paper low, bill stacker low, door open, and coin box full are a few alerts the system supports. Alerts can be sent out via SMS text message to a cell phone or email.
Picture Gallery
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Parking Meter
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Power Supply:
- Mains: 120VAC
- Solar Panel: 12VDC
- Street Light
- 160aH Battery
Cashbox Capacity:
- ~ 256 cubic in. ( 4.2 litres)
Bill Stacker Capacity:
- 400 notes
LCD Display:
- 4x20 character
Coin Validator:
- 16 different coin types
Coin Changer Capacity:
- 4 tubes at 60 coins each
- preprinted or blank 2.24" thermopaper
Thermopaper Roll Length:
- 1378 feet (420 meters)
- Stainless Steel V4A and V2A
Temperature (No Heater):
- -4F to +158F (-20C to +70C)
Temperature (with Heater):
- -22F to +158F (-30C to +70C)
- up to 95%
- Size: 78.5" x 15" x 10.2" (h x w x d)
- Weight:: ~194 lbs. (88 kg.)